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Vitamin AD3ECK

Composition Per Litre contain:

Vitamin A            25000000 I.U.

Vitamin D3          3000000 I.U.

Vitamin E             6000 mg

Vitamin C             30000 mg

Vitamin K             25000 mg


Vitamin A: is necessary for the regeneration of skin and mucous membranes. It increases resistance to infections and supports health, growth and fertility.

Vitamin D3: deficiency leads to a bad development of the bones (e.g. rachitis) in young animals and a bad egg-quality in layers and breeders.

Vitamin E: is necessary in the prevention of disorders like ascites in broilers, low fertility, nervous and muscular system lesions that appear in case of deficiency states.

Vitamin C: is added for a better immune system and against all types of stress conditions. Recommended during transportation of the animals, before vaccination, deworming, in periods of stress or lower feed consumption than normal.

In case of poor laying performance and reduced strength of the egg shell.

Vitamin K3: is involved in the complicated mechanism of blood clotting. It can also be synthesized by bacteria in the intestinal tract, in particular in the colon.

Dosage and Administration

Administer through the Drinking water for 5 days.

Broiler, Pullets: 1 ml/4-5 litre drining water.

Layer: 1 ml/2-4 litre of drinking water

Cattle, Goat, Sheep: 5 ml per 100 kg body weight.


●  25 kg Craft Bag.

Additional Info

  • Paracetamol: 1
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