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Composition per kg

Calcium Formiate             250000 mg

Calcium Propionate         50000 mg

Citric Acid            2500 mg

Diatomaceous Earth       50000 mg


1. Stop SE controls bacterial and fungal digestive infections caused by contaminated feed ingredients in raw material or finished feed.

2. It acts against a broad spectrum of bacteria like Salmonella spp. E. Coli and Moulds.

3. It has an immediate shock and long lasting effect, which avoids possible recontaminations. These immediate and residual effects are caused by the co-existence of organic acids and their salts, which releases the acid gradually.

4. Avoiding at a low cost that the feed or its ingredients are responsible for bacterial outbreaks and therefore help to guarantee the public health.

Dosage and Administration

Blend homogenously with feed ratio.

Low contamination risk : 1 – 2.50 kg/Ton

High contamination risk : 2.50 – 4 kg/Ton

Periodical cleaning of the installations: 5 kg/Ton


●  25 kg Craft Bag.

Additional Info

  • Paracetamol: 1
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