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Multizyme BC

Composition per kg

Bacillolysin (U)                15000 U

6-Phytase (FYT)                35000 FYT

Beta Glucanase (U)           1400000 U

Beta Glucanase (U)           822500 U

Beta Xylanase (U)              7000000 U

Alpha Amylase (U)            140000 U

Cellulase              1200000 U

Main Functions

1. Degrades and digest Non Starch Poly Saccharides and other anti nutritional factors.

 2. Nutrients in the feed utilized perfectly and completely. Feed value is increased with

even less cost and less nutritive value ingredients.

 3. Helps to improve quality of manure and reduces environment pollution.

 4. Ammonia formation in the Gut is minimized.

 5. Better FCR and optimum feed consumption.

 6. Reduces wet droppings.

Dosage and Administration

Blend homogeneously with the feed of Poultry,

Cattle, Fish and use regularly.

200 to 500 gm/Ton of feed.


●  25 kg Craft Bag.

Additional Info

  • Paracetamol: 1
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