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Formulation Unit

  • We have riche R&D under Quality Operation Division. Dedicated pharmacists and chemists are doing constant work to develop formulations to make a breakthrough in the healthcare market of Human as well as Veterinary products.
  • This department is playing a crucial role to make the drugs safer and more effective through new innovations with quality formulation.
  • One Pharma’s R&D is equipped with the latest Prototype equipments to support various stages of optimizations and technology transfer to the plant.
  • Product Development is one of our prime objectives for round-the-year operation which is indispensable for steady growth of the company. Since inception, One Pharma had put great emphasis on Product Development for developing the products, as it believes quality product starts with quality formulations.
  • One Pharma recognizes the need for progressive approach in order to lead the ever competitive trends in the health care market they conforms to the quality management system set by ICH and strictly maintains the guideline of cGMP.
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