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National AgriCare Solar Power

Bangladesh is an energy starving country. Among the total population only 53% are connected to grid electricity. The remaining 47% are living in remote areas and deprived of grid connection. As a result, their households go under darkness soon after the sunset. These people depend on feeble kerosene lamp and kupi for lighting their houses. Their children also study under such feeble and inefficient light.

Electricity is the key input for economic development and livelihood improvement in any country. At present, there are 47 companies working on solar energy and total coverage under solar home system (little over 2millions) is not more than 2%. Considering the importance of solar home system in rural and disadvantageous locations, National AgriCare Solar Power is going to start the solar photovoltaic activities soon to generate green energy for sustainable development of our environment.

Link: http://www.nationalagricare.com/solar.php




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